The truth is hidden in smoke and fog 

You are being lied to, deceived and used

We clear the smoke

Madness rules over stupidity.

We could leave it with this statement, because it says everything. Nevertheless, here are a few facts. Although we are aware that only a very small percentage of humanity understand it.

The website name corresponds to that of the situation in this world, because we live in a smokehouse where truth and clarity disappear in the smoke. This smoke (manipulation) obscures people's vision and they can no longer see clearly.

Science should create knowledge. It was like that a very long time ago, but today science is nothing but profit. Scientific research is carried out on behalf of industries and other interest groups. This research is not about finding real facts, no that is not the goal. The aim of this commissioned research is to obtain a specific result, if the expected result does not arise, then the research is stopped or the results are manipulated accordingly until they fit.

Anyone who is still able to do so should imagine the following: You belong to an extraterrestrial, more highly developed species, a really intelligent species. Now look closely at this human species, what do you see? A very primitive and stupid species, there is no doubt about that if you look right. A species that kills each other, a species that ruthlessly destroys even the planet it lives on. And then the so-called elites of this species twist the facts in their favor and claim that the mass of humanity is to blame (CO2 etc.) Of course, all these statements are utter nonsense. This planet has been producing CO2 for millions of years. This human species consists of a minority, the so-called elites, who believe they are the owners of this planet, and the bulk of this humanity, who are the livestock of these elites. The problem is that the bulk of this human race actually behaves like property, that is, livestock. The mass of this human race was manipulated bit by bit and mentally castrated. The evidence for this is abundant.

Let's start with what is known as climate change or global warming. The mass of mankind believes this nonsense, because the mass of mankind no longer thinks independently and logically. These interest groups, who generate a lot of profits from this claim, are happy to claim that this planet is warming rapidly and that the polar ice caps are therefore melting and a catastrophe is in sight.

Here is the counter-evidence. If the polar ice caps, i.e. the North Pole and South Pole, melt, then the sea level should rise noticeably. However, the truth is that the opposite is true. Clearly seen in these current pictures.

There is much more manipulation and lies in favor of the profits of the power elites. For example the facts about petroleum. Crude oil is not a fossil raw material, crude oil is a hydrocarbon compound that is infinite created in the depths of this planet and is pushed upwards. But with the fairy tale of limited resources, the high price at the gas stations can be justified well. There are so many more lies in favor of outrageous profits. This world is a manufactured make-up world, but the majority of humanity believe that this steady theatrical performance is real.

Next example that shows the current situation, this virus staging. The bulk of humanity believe this biological nonsense, why is that? Because people no longer think independently and logically! If mankind thought for itself, it would see through this theater production very quickly.

The term virus was introduced into this world around 150 years ago by the French chemist Louis Pasteur. The word virus comes from the Latin language and means poison and has nothing to do with what was later made of it. Officially, it is said that a virus is a non-living being. What is a non-living thing supposed to be, a zombie? This fact alone should bring great skepticism to logically thinking people. Another fact: This virus theory had brought the pharmaceutical companies infinite happiness, because these companies generated unimaginable profits through equally nonsensical vaccinations. So that it stays that way and nobody ever learns the truth about this virus construction, it was claimed that a virus is so monstrously small that it cannot be found. A clever statement, because what you can't find you can't deny, that's what this industry thought. A virus should be as small as just a few atoms, i.e. in the nanoscale. So claim and cover it. So industries thought this claim was forever safe. But today it is even possible to make atoms visible, but not viruses, because until now nobody has been able to isolate a virus and present it. All these wonderful pictures of alleged viruses are computer animations, so requests with the request to see the origin of these pictures for yourself are always rejected. But if a claim is spread internationally and the subservient media play the game, then it is very easy to convince an already stupidly manipulated humanity of a lie. But this human race is very well used to accepting lies.

Another fact: This small non-living being should now bring a protein molecule with it, which it uses to reprogram our cells. Now at the latest, every logically thinking person should collapse with laughter. But this human race doesn't laugh, it believes. So a bit of biology: A "virus" is supposed to be in the nano range, but a protein molecule is a macromolecule, so not even micro and of course not nano. Because this claim is so outlandish and insane, until recently it was claimed that this is why such a virus only brings a coat of a molecule with it. The question arises: who this virus steal the coat from? Incidentally, a protein molecule is very extensive and of course does not have a coat that it can take off. Even if you disregard all of these biological and physical impossibilities, there are many more impossibilities. A so-called virus should neither have a metabolism nor should it have a cell nucleus. But without metabolism, no protein molecule can be created and without a cell nucleus no genes. This non-living being is actually supposed to have genes, but they are located in the cell nucleus, which a virus is not supposed to have.


  • A macromolecule is to be in something that is located at the nanoscale, impossible!

  • A so-called virus should contain genes without having a cell nucleus, impossible!

  • This corona virus in particular allegedly only infects people, but not animals, because all wild animals are spared but the wild animals move freely, do not use masks or disinfectants.

  • Likewise, all goods, cash, vehicles, etc. are spared from the virus attack, because none of this is ever mentioned.

  • Donated blood are also not checked for virus contamination.

  • For example, when you go to a restaurant, you get cutlery, you sit on a chair, etc. Are there no viruses on these items?

  • You will be forced to wear a face mask. But what about all the other orifices? Do the viruses not know these other body orifices?

  • And so on and so on. Think about it and you will find more facts.

This scientifically nonsensical and ridiculous virus story is so easy to see through, but not for people who have given up their independent and logical thinking. Unfortunately, this human species no longer thinks.

Another fact about this staging: It is now openly stated by many of these farm dogs of the so-called elites that the mass of humanity is too large and urgently needs to be reduced. Wouldn't such a dangerous pandemic be very welcome to reduce humanity? If a dangerous virus really existed, that virus would be very welcome to these elites. These elites would then simply vaccinate themselves and let the virus do its welcome job while sitting in an armchair. But these elites are so great people friends, these elites would never invade a country and bomb innocent people in order to get power over other raw materials. They would never do that, would they? So what actually takes place to reduce humanity is vaccination. In the vaccine sera there is a gene-manipulated protein molecule that destroys our cells piece by piece. So this vaccination does what these elites blame for the non-existent virus. Clever thought, right?

In this world it has long been about profits from a few, large industries and the powers that have the money system in their hands. The welfare of the people was never there, the welfare of the so-called elites is the focus.

Nevertheless, this humanity regularly chooses the dogs of these elites, namely the governments and politicians. All these politicians are the dogs of these elites, only one very stupid species willingly choose their watchers and tormentors.

This human race is no longer able to think logically, this human race believes every nonsense that is spread by these elites. Therefore the mass of this humanity will not understand these facts written here either, humanity can no longer understand it, because another fact prevents that. Intensive and very extensive, international studies and investigations have clearly shown that humanity is dumbing down in the truest sense of the word . The neuronal connections in the brain have regressed very strongly and this regression has increased rapidly over the past 40 years.

So there is not much more to be said or written, this human species is losing its mind more and more and therefore the plans that were bound by the agendas 2021 and 2030 will be realized. For the few people who can still think independently, it is hopeless to hope that all of this can still be stopped. So we owe all that is currently happening and what is to come, to the great, non-thinking mass of this human race. So many thanks to this stupid crowd for a very dark future.

We are a small group of specialists in microbiology, immunology and other fields and we know a lot about everything that is hidden and decided behind closed doors. Now you might ask why all the other scientists are still playing this manipulation game. A logically thinking person can provide the answer himself. All of these scientists work on behalf of certain interest groups and their job and careers are more important to them than the future of their children. We cannot be bought, we are and will remain independent.

Who are those who see this world as their property and want to change everything in their favor?

First those at the top.

The Familie Rothschild
The Familie Rothschild
The Familie Rockefeller
The Familie Rockefeller

These families are at the forefront, they control industries and the financial system.

Then come the overseers of these elites.

Then come the executive dogs of the elites.

At the bottom comes the people, that is, the livestock.

There is nothing more to add to this extraordinary bondage and stupidity.

This is how this world is structured. However, because there are too many livestock (people), it is too time-consuming and expensive to control and manipulate them. Therefore the mass of livestock has to be reduced. This is exactly what is happening at the moment.

These human livestock can even be kept on track with just one word, the word is conspiracy theory. Isn't that fantastic?

Outside the human farm, the big bad wolf lurks and the few who are still thinking are evil conspiracy theorists. Boo, boo. This bondage and stupidity is hard to believe.

"A species that believes in such great, egregious, biological nonsense as this virus-fantasy of sick brains must be very primitive and unspeakably stupid."

Dr. Paul Stancroll, microbiologist

Here to download: The madness and the stupidity of today's "scientists".

Further facts can be downloaded here on the left.

"Stupidity and fear are the best ally of lies and manipulation." Dr. Michael Simons, Microbiologist

The declining IQ of this human species. For download here.

"Opinion is the queen of the world because stupidity is the queen of morons." Nicolas Chamfort

Stupid bondage in perfection
Stupid bondage in perfection

Something direct:

But this entire corona lie story still did something good. If this virus staging had never been created, then we would probably never have learned how mentally underdeveloped this human race is now. A corresponding global study would have swallowed up a lot of capital. But now we have the result for free. So this production has a good side. Likewise, we would probably never have known exactly how much the politicians and the media are propagating this lie. But now we also know this and everything completely free of charge.

If the truth is suppressed, freedom is also suppressed. Human who lie to themselves take their own freedom.

Dr. Marcel Clymon (Social scientist)

 You go to your death voluntarily because you are no longer able to think.